West Side Works

Childcare Centers in Beaverton

Have a PCC early education student work for you as a Pre-school Aide, Pre-school Floater, or other childcare worker recruited and paid for by the West Side Works program.

Portland Community College
Washington County, OR
Beaverton, OR

We recruit PCC early education students who want work and experience in pre-school education. We serve as the employer of record, pay the wages, and pay up to $1,000 retention bonus upon completion of 300 hours of work.

To be eligible for a worker(s), you must be located in the City of Beaverton and provide a designated onsite supervisor.

Bilingual students are available and are paid a higher wage for providing bilingual services as part of their duties.

Workers are paid for 300 hours over approximately three months. Students who are a good fit with your organization can be hired by you for a permanent position following their placements through the West Side Works program.